Mastering The Ninja Skills

Ninja Skills VA
Ninja Skills

Becoming A Virtual Assistant is no easy profession.  You need to learn your craft well before you can say you are skilled and able to serve the virtual needs of other people.

On my part, I learned first the mindset of a Virtual Assistant/Professional. And take note, I enrolled on an online course from one of the Masters, from someone who knows what he is doing, as well as what he is talking about. That person is Jomar Hilario.  I am one of his thousand students. Just to ensure that I am on the right track, every step of it. And I could say, the lessons he gave seemed to be easier to look at first, but when taken into action, they are quite hard. Really. But I am not taken aback. Ninjas sometimes are gripped with fear but they are not defeated with fear.  Fear just makes us braver and more courageous. This is one of the Ninja skills that I am learning – mastering the fear and conquering it. With this mindset, I am able to focus more on mastering my skills. Thanks to Jomar.

Have a purposeful day!



Author: Nezel Yurong

Nezel Yurong is a spiritual writer, blogger, content marketing strategist and virtual professional. Follow her on Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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