A Biblical Example Of The Power Of Persistence

biblical example of the power of persistence virtual assistant
Power of Persistence

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9 Characteristics Of The Purposive Ninja


These characteristics are adopted from the 9 Characteristics of a Productivity Ninja from the Productivity Ninja. Ninjas have the same qualities, thus I share Productivity Ninja’s thoughts here because I feel we have the same characteristics.

  1. Zen-like calm. This is the very first characteristic any Ninja must develop. In order to achieve something, Ninjas have to have the power needed to do it. Calmness intensifies focus.
  2. Ruthlessness in focus. Ninjas succeed because of their extraordinary focus. Focus is needed to achieve the purpose the Ninja sets out to do.
  3. Weapon-savvy. Any Ninja must have the right tools and the right knowledge in mastering how to use these tools to do the work easier.
  4. Unorthodoxy. Challenges the status quo and take inspiration from the unusual.
  5. Stealth and Camouflage. The ability to work alone.
  6. Agility. Plans ahead before taking any action.
  7. Mindfulness. Being in the present. Knows how to ask questions and where to seek answers.
  8. Preparedness. Is to be always open to everything that comes the Ninja’s way. And if change is needed, the Ninja does it accordingly.
  9. Human not Superheroes. Superheroes are only in the movies. Superheroes seldom makes mistakes. Ninjas are true human beings subject to commit mistakes. The only difference is, Ninjas know how to handle mistakes and learn from them too. And Ninjas never stop learning new techniques.

That is how I see myself being the purposive Ninja. I may not as near perfect as the above descriptions appear to be, but those are my very guidelines to be able to do my work well.

Have a purposeful day!