Meet The Ninja

DSC_0230 - EditedHello! Thank you for dropping by.

My name is Nezel Yurong, your Purposive Ninja Virtual Professional. I am here to help you grow your business by providing your virtual professional/assistant and writing needs. Just tell me what you want, I am here to help.

I am a mom of two boys, ten and six, and a wife to a loving husband. I have worked in the financing industry for fourteen years until I decided to quit the corporate job to pursue an online job in writing and virtual assistant services.  I believe having enough experience from the business world, I am able to help your business grow. I also know how demanding an online presence could be. If you are struggling with this last one, you found the right person to work with.

My Story

I am a person who is fascinated with life. And I am very much drawn to spirituality. At eighteen years old I entered the nunnery to fulfill my dream of serving people by becoming a nun. However, my mother did not approve it and withhold her blessings. Eventually, I went out when I was in my postulant stage. I continued my college studies and earned a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration. After graduation, I have worked as a cashier, as a machine operator, and as a managerial assistant and cashier at the same time.

Three years ago I got sick because of prolonged stress and burn out. Then and there I decided I need to look for a career and financial advancement elsewhere, or else I will die unable to do my passion and still struggling with my finances.

I have already considered working online for the past seven years. It took me that long to be physically and mentally prepared, and also procure the tools needed to work online. I have enrolled in the Online Mentoring Club of the Filipino online guru and the Tim Ferris of the Philippines, Jomar Hilario, in 2011. But due to my demanding responsibilities at work and at home, taking care of an infant at the same time, I failed to find time doing the lessons. After I got sick, I realigned my priorities and goals in life. With much grit, I was determined to work online. Yet, I know in this area desire is not enough. So I again took another course from Jomar, which is the Date With Freedom, a guide to starting a virtual job. I continually attend his weekly webinars to stay updated with the virtual world.

My Work Experiences

Your company may very well profit with my knowledge of computer applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Presentations, and Microsoft Excel, which I have been doing for over a decade while in the corporate arena. I am able to work with numbers and details effectively and efficiency.

My Characteristics

I call myself purposive ninja because of the following characteristics I put into practice with myself.

  • Zen-like calm. This is the very first characteristic any Ninja must develop. In order to achieve something, Ninjas have to have the power needed to do it. Calmness intensifies focus.
  • Ruthlessness in focus. Ninjas succeed because of their extraordinary focus. Focus is needed to achieve the purpose the Ninja sets out to do.
  • Weapon-savvy. Any Ninja must have the right tools and the right knowledge in mastering how to use these tools to do the work easier.
  • Unorthodoxy. Challenges the status quo and take inspiration from the unusual.
  • Stealth and Camouflage. Ninjas have the ability to work alone.
  • Agility. Plans ahead before taking any action.
  • Mindfulness. Being in the present. Knows how to ask questions and where to seek answers.
  • Preparedness. To be always open to everything that comes the Ninja’s way. And if a change is needed, the Ninja does it accordingly.
  • Human, not Superheroes. Superheroes are only in the movies. Superheroes seldom make mistakes. Ninjas are true human beings subject to commit mistakes. The only difference is, Ninjas know how to handle mistakes and learn from them too. And Ninjas never stop learning new techniques.

My Skills

  • You will have peace of mind regarding my writing and blogging abilities. Writing is my passion. Currently, I am managing my own personal and spiritual development blog Purposive Writer at WordPress. I do this to exercise my writing muscles.
  • You can rely on me with my good research abilities. This is part of my online training in my online mentoring course.
  • Your business will also benefit from my good written communication skills. This is one of my natural gifts. Proofreading is no problem.
  • You don’t have to worry every detail of your business because I am thorough with details. This is one of my strengths. I have been working with numbers for so long. My DISC results define me to have this natural ability.
  • Computer savvy. My work experience helped me so.
  • You can also rely on me to be highly organized. My corporate job trained me to be one.

My DISC Profile Test Result – C (Conscientiousness)

Profile Overview

  • places an emphasis on working conscientiously within existing circumstances to ensure quality and accuracy.
  • is motivated by opportunities to gain knowledge, showing their expertise, and quality work.
  • prioritizes ensuring accuracy, maintaining stability, and challenging assumptions.
  • is described as careful, cautious, systematic, diplomatic, accurate and tactful.
  • values quality and accuracy.

My Services

  • content marketing strategy
  • Virtual assistance
  • social media management
  • website management
  • article writing
  • content writing
  • blog writing

My Email


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