Nine Benefits Of Marketing Automation Every Business Owner Should Know

Purposive Ninja Virtual Professional
Purposive Ninja Virtual Professional

Just watched webinar on marketing automation. This is a brand new skill any virtual professional choosing this niche must learn.

“Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.”

In previous years, before the birth of marketing automation, companies do their marketing manually. Examples of these are answering mails, sending out mails, following up of customers, and many other activities that involve a direct personal communication with customers. Nowadays companies are doing most of their business online because most of their customers can be reached online. But with the increasing number of customers, dealing with them manually and personally could be a daunting task while taking much of the time. Marketing automation then comes to the rescue. All the business owners have to do is classify their customers according to certain types then send them out emails automatically just once. They can then best serve their clientele without anybody being left out or forgotten.

And the best part of this is somebody has to do the job. Virtual professionals then must come to the scene. The webinar I watched was very helpful. But it was just an overview of the whole thing. I must learn the techie part of it online from my mentor. In the coming days, I would be enrolling on this course since I found it interesting. For the meantime, let me give you the benefits of marketing automation  to businesses. The following are some of them:

Saves time

Marketing automation saves time because the marketer has to set up the task only once and is able to cater to a large number of customers. For example, after a purchase of their product, the company has to ask the customer’s feedback. If the company has, let’s say five thousand customers, it would take time to ask the customers one by one. However, if the task of doing it is automated it would take only minutes to do the task.

Saves money

It would only take one or few people to do the automated task compared to paying more employees to accomplish the same task.

No cold calls

There would no longer be cold calls because in marketing automation it is easy to trace whose customer has opened the emails and who does not.

Faster follow-ups

In marketing automation everything is recorded. By seeing the data the marketer knows the next action to take.

Nothing forgotten

Every client is recorded and classified.

Rewarding local customers

It would be easier to trace customers who keep coming back. Rewarding them is the best way to maintain their loyalty.

No time wasted in non profit making tasks

By analyzing emails it would be easily found out who responded positively and who does not. Let go of those prospective customers who do not respond positively.

Reuse content

The company may make the same sales letter to every new prospective customer. Or may use the same content for the next month or for the following year depending on the occasion or season.

Be forced to understand your customers faster

By establishing a constant relationship with your customers through emails some may reply to some of them. Others may have complaints, requests or suggestions. Your relationship may then be mutual which is very beneficial to your company.

Hopefully, business owners may find these benefits helpful to the growth and function of their companies. When I am ready I would be glad working to any of you guys in the near future.

Have a purposeful day!