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Welcome to my passion blog, Purposive Writer. This blog is all about my inward journeys of healing, finding meaning to life and also of my spiritual quests. My posts here includes my reflections, thoughts, poems and photo challenges to add a spark to my little world. I post daily here in order for me to hone my writing muscles. Through this blog I connect with fellow bloggers who also share the same passion with me.

Just recently, I was invited to become a guest author at Success Inspirer’s World, Guestwriter and Blogging Meet Up. As of the moment, this is how far my passion has lead me.

The following are my top  five articles in this blog:

  1. What Kind of Light Are You?
  2. Tiny Dots Form The Heart
  3. Love Me For What I Am
  4. Be Slow To Argue
  5. 1 Butterfly, 1 Sunrise, 1 Beautiful Morning

May you check them out and leave a feedback to help me improve the inspiration I am trying to share.

Much love,



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