5 Ninja Strategies To Earn 5 Star Reviews From Your Clients

5 ninja strategies to earn 5 star reviews from your clients


I have attended a webinar with my mentor Jomar Hilario interviewing one of his senior mentees in virtual careers. She is Cristina Ramas who just had received an award from Upwork being one of its top rated freelancers. Bongga! Right? My eyes opened wide and wondered, how did she do it? Thankfully, she shared her secret in that webinar.

As an aspiring virtual assistant/professional or freelancer I am always looking for the easier ways to follow what others had done. From that webinar I learned a lot. The following are Cristina’s strategies on her way to success.

Create website.

What she means is the portfolio website, like this one. A portfolio website is where you put all vital information about you. It is where you write who you are and what you do. It is this site that future clients would be looking for if they really want to know whether you are genuine or not; or just to know more about you.

Complete your profile in your selected platform.

Tina’s chosen platform is Upwork. We could select any platform we will comfortably work or do business with as long as our profile is complete. Tina stressed to put our best photo, put the right title, complete the overview – like what you could do for your client, and most especially write your detailed skills and the tools you use in getting things done.

Read and learn  to your chosen field of expertise.

Well, this is what they call your niche. Virtual work is wide. Select what you are good at and work on improving yourself in that niche. Tina’s example is including what she subscribed to and who her influencers are.

Give your best to every gig, may it be hourly or fixed.

If we put our one hundred percent in our work, it can not only make our clients happy but also it boosts our confidence in our work. The more we do it, the more we become skilled in it. And the catch is, our clients could give us positive feedbacks or reviews which we can add to our portfolio.

Manage your time well

Beleive it or not, Tina has six kids to take care of while working from home. Admirable, yes! I thought it would be hard for her since I find it harder for me to take care of two kids. But her confidence is contagious. Okey, if she did it, so would I (help me, God). Being a working mom with multiple roles is never easy. One must be skilled in time management to succeed in all areas. Tina managed to pull that off. She said she perpetually followed her calendar and never procrastinated. The last one I am still learning.

Before the webinar ended, Tina added two more tips: finish your website and polish your profile. Good advice.

There she had it. Easier said than done, but a challenge all along. And hard work is the key. As Vidal Sasoon said, “the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Have a purposeful day!



Mastering The Ninja Skills

Ninja Skills VA
Ninja Skills

Becoming A Virtual Assistant is no easy profession.  You need to learn your craft well before you can say you are skilled and able to serve the virtual needs of other people.

On my part, I learned first the mindset of a Virtual Assistant/Professional. And take note, I enrolled on an online course from one of the Masters, from someone who knows what he is doing, as well as what he is talking about. That person is Jomar Hilario.  I am one of his thousand students. Just to ensure that I am on the right track, every step of it. And I could say, the lessons he gave seemed to be easier to look at first, but when taken into action, they are quite hard. Really. But I am not taken aback. Ninjas sometimes are gripped with fear but they are not defeated with fear.  Fear just makes us braver and more courageous. This is one of the Ninja skills that I am learning – mastering the fear and conquering it. With this mindset, I am able to focus more on mastering my skills. Thanks to Jomar.

Have a purposeful day!