The 5 Qualities You Need to Reach Your Biggest Goals


  1. Be Positive. Everything starts with a positive mindset. Believe that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself. Obstacles are inevitable. Whatever they may be, just have the faith and determination that you can overcome them.
  2. Be persistent. Strong successful people do not give up. Do not push too hard on people or on yourself. You may make it slow according to your capacity; just keep moving forward.
  3. Be patient. According to Beverly Sills, “there are no shortcuts to places worth going.” Get into the mindset that the wait will be worth it. Always take massive action. And remember that great things take time.
  4. Be resilient. Along your journey, especially if you are just starting, there are people who tell you you won’t make it. Those are just challenges that might want you to quit. Don’t listen to them. It’s your journey not theirs. You’re aiming for your success not theirs. Look for a support group or people who are willing to encourage you. Better yet, hire a coach or a mentor who is an expert in that area you want to excel in.
  5. Be adaptable. Technologies change. Trends change. Flow with these changes. Adjust your sails to the different weathers of your journey. Keep on learning. And have an open mind to possibilities and opportunities.

There you have it. Acquire these qualities and you are on your way to great success.

Have a purposeful day!



What Fuels Your Drive?

be much better than what you think you are, for that is what you are.

What fuels your drive?

This is one life question that I love to answer just for the pleasure of it. This question has been posted on Quora. Only one person managed to answer it in one short, direct to the point sentence: Wish to make a difference small or big. I totally agree.

I would share my answer here. Later on, I may share it with Quora.

Life is short, we all know it. What is the best thing we could do to this short-lived existence? For me it is leaving something behind; something beautiful, something useful. Many great and not-so-great souls had passed this way. The great ones left inspiration and hope. The not-so-great ones left fear and continuing cultural conflict. This is a sad reality. And it is up to us to do our fair share of legacy.

I want to leave something beautiful in this world, not because it is a much better choice. But because something within me, tells me there is something we can do to this suffering world we are in. That voice within is what drives me to know better, to do better, to live better. I may not do something great, at least I have not done something worst.

That voice within is not given only to a selected few. It is given to each one of us. The difference lies on how well we listen to our inner knowing. If someone just give an ample time and effort to stay quiet and alone, he is able to answer the above question in a much clearer voice.

What fuels me greatly, is the inner knowing that I can be much better than what I know I am. That is where my journey is heading. I hope to see you all along.

Have a purposeful day!


First Step to Becoming an Achiever


First step to becoming an achiever

A person who wants to change his life for the better follows his dream.  Whatever the dream may be; it would be financial freedom, spending more quality time with the kids, or following his passion.

The key to achieving that dream is to have a plan. That plan must be written concisely and clearly. If its about financial freedom, like one of my dreams, it would include the date and number. This date is the targeted date to find yourself already achieving the dream. The number is the figure you want to hit on that specified date.

This planning involves much soul searching and honesty within yourself in order to know how hungry you are to achieving your dreams. When you have settled with your self, then go and write your concise plan.

Have a purposeful day!


How to Achieve Your Goals in 5 Actionable Steps

how to achieve your goals in 5 actionable steps

Hello there!

Been gone for quite a while. It is because I tilled my positivity garden first at Purposive Writer. Nope, it is not a literal garden. Everything in there is about my inward journeys. I just plant and gather some strength and confidence from there. Thankfully, that garden bears fruit and I reap strong friendships from my readers. It boosts my confidence to be here and continue with my online career.

Now, I am back with good news: how to achieve your goals in five actionable steps.

These lessons are what I learned from the latest Webinar I attended, Are You Qualified to Earn Millions Online by Jomar Hilario. His guest, Anna Maliwat, a Virtual Professional, shared how she followed Jomar’s course in successful planning. The following steps are what she did to achieve her goals:

  1. Create a plan of what would you do or be. Have a clear goal of what you want to do.
  2. See yourself in a specific date in the future. This is you achieving your goals. This is what others call as visualization. It is visualizing yourself achieving your goals in a specific date. For example: how do you see yourself on January 1, 2017. Then from there look back to this date today.
  3. Write that plan on paper. Make it tangible by writing it on paper. For example, Date: Jan. 1, 2017. I am happy taking my vacation at…..
  4. Believe in your heart and soul that it would happen. You must have the deep faith that it would happen. Prayer is the key to all things. Pray for it the more.
  5. Act on the things and ways that could lead you to attaining your goals. Planning and believing is just one half of the battle. The other half is acting on it. Here, the strategies and techniques enter into the picture. Those are the things that you incorporate into your daily habits to deliberately move your way to success. It might be studying, learning or enrolling on new courses. Sometimes the methods are difficult, but it is all worth it in the end.

May you learn something from here. These are what I am going to do too to achieve my goals in my online career journey.

Have a purposeful day!


First WordPress Experience Of A Ninja Life

The Ninja Life
The Ninja Life

A beautiful day to you!

This is my first post in my wordpress blog at purposiveninja. I feel so happy and so ninjasome being here. I know, I know, you are thinking what this blog is all about with a name like that. You may assume I would be talking about ninja techniques here.  Or you might be thinking whether I am a real ninja or not?

Well, I would answer all your questions in the “About Me” page. See you there. And I also love to see you tinkering around here.

Have a purposeful day!